Sunday, September 23, 2012

All of my Houses are Gone!

Some local friends and I get together on Thursday afternoons to make art and talk and laugh. :)   Lately, we've usually been at the White Rabbit Coffee House and Bakery in Aurora, OR.  Oscar (the sweet owner, baker, artist, cute guy) lets us play there in spite of our boisterous behavior.  We call ourselves the Art Chix, and Oscar let us do a show in his beautiful establishment for the month of September!  I did a collaged wood box, and put up 3 Mixed Media Houses.  I learned the technique from Lisa Kaus at her studio/home in Portland several months ago.  She is an amazing artist and recently has had her work licensed with the Lang Company and others!  So, she's somewhat of a star, really!

Anyway, my wonky houses are nothing like hers, but I had to have something to hang up at the show.  I really had made these houses for myself and had picked out which rooms to put them in.  Well, last Thursday when I went to my art afternoon with the Chix, the sign that Jan made for me was still there but my wood houses (sealed in beeswax and smelling good in the bakery, said Oscar), were gone!

I looked at him and he was excited for me, and told me they had all sold.  He and employees there told me that 2 ladies were fighting over the last one (seriously).  :)  Funny.  Oscar wanted to buy one too, but they just flew out of there.  Well, now the month is nearly over, so I don't think I'll have time to make anymore for our little show, but I'll definitely make another one or two for myself and some other friends.  What fun we've had!

p.s. The nicest pics here, I've swiped from Jan.  If you go to her blog, you'll see what an awesome artist she is!  Don't look at the pic of me tho... I thought we were just supposed to show up to hang art!  Apparently,  I'd forgotten that every time I'm with Jan there is a photo session involved.  I look like a psycho killer in that pic.  Ugh.  The fuzzy pics are from my Iphone, and we all know I can't blame the quality on the phone.  :)

More pics and a lot more news coming soon!



  1. Hey, girl. I am not surprised at all that your houses are gone, because they're adorable! Really cute. Like Oscar, apparently... ;)

  2. Ha, you are so funny! I've been missing you already!